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Yemba is a Bamiléké language from the Grassfields group, spoken by over 300 000 people in the Western Province of Cameroon.

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Over 3000 Yemba words and expressions are available in our database for translation to French. The initial Yemba to French translation was inherited from the scientific master piece 'Petit Dictionnaire Yémba - Français' realized by Steven Bird and Maurice Tadadjeu. The dictionary is freely available under the Copyright ® 1997 CELY (Comité d'Étude de la Langue Yémba). It was published by the ANACLAC (Association Nationale des Comités de langues du Cameroun) and printed by the SIL (Summer Institute of Linguistics) in Yaoundé, Cameroon. We performed a machine backwards transformation of the dictionary and created the French to Yemba translation. We extend the dictionary with French synonyms from the WordNet database. Additionally we add the possibility to translate common English, German, Czech, Spanish, Italian and Chinese words and expressions into Yemba. Translate now!



Getting started in the Yemba language or improving handed skills is also a matter of constant training. Most people lack a person with whom they will talk Yemba. It is also not easy to write since the alphabet must be learned first. This site offers the following motivating learning tools:  Online Quiz and Knowledge checkers, Mailing list with the Yemba-word-of-the-day, Articles in the Yemba language. Learn now!



Old African languages such as Yemba face the issue of missing teaching materials since language skills are mostly passed orally from parents to children. Thing is, today, new media such as books and the internet greatly interfere with oral language learning. The internet however offers flexible and powerful learning tools, accessible from everywhere to anyone. We developed a wide-range of graphical teaching cards for common Yemba words in the following topics: animals, aliments, tools, objects, environment, human body and civic education. Such cards are powerful pedagogical tools, tuned for children who need to get started in Yemba in their young age. Cards are offered for free with a small charge for material and shipping cost. Teach now!