Yemba is a Bamiléké language from the Grassfields group, spoken by over 300 000 people in the Western Province of Cameroon.


This online dictionary allows you to translate over 3000 Yemba words and expressions into French. If you are not a Yemba speaker, you might want to translate over 6000 French, English, German, Czech, Spanish, Italian and Chinese words and expressions into Yemba.




Because learning Yemba can be fun, we support a growing community of Yemba students. Anyone who would like to learn how to speak, read, understand and write in Yemba is encouraged to try our learning tools. They include Quiz, Tests as well as a Yemba editor that supports Yemba special characters. Learn now!



Native speakers often wish to pass their language knowledge to the next generations. We realized a set of learning cards for children and youth in order to motivate them in vocabulary learning. These cards are powerful tools for teaching listening, reading, understanding and speaking. Teach now!